I believe anyone can benefit from a greater understanding of how personal development can support them in reaching their potential. Transferable to relationships, self confidence, ambition, professional development and more, my webinars are open to all. 

As well as my workshops and webinars, my freelance work aims to make the tools of mental illness recovery accessible to everyone, whether your mental health is something you find difficult or not.


The point of the blog is to bring the lightheartedness in with the 'not so light' and to try and candidly share my experience. I hope this is of some service to you.

I developed an eating disorder between the ages of 12 and 13 and it started taking control of my life and relationships when I was 16. Over the next 2 years I was fully embedded in all the crap that comes along with wanting to be thin enough (Spoiler Alert: there is no 'thin enough'). But I am now at a stage where I can look back and see the illness in my behaviour and amuse myself in my old attempts of sitting A-Level exams with nothing but Maltesers and a Coke Zero to fuel my brain.

Anyway enough of that, that's what the blog posts are for! Now it's time for a tad of frivolity with a hint of plant based sarcasm.

I do not share numbers, weights and try by best not to share triggering photos.

I am not a mental health professional so please use the helplines listed below if you need further support.

Samaritans UK Helpline - 116 123

BEAT Helpline - 0808 801 0677

(Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm, Weekends and Bank Holidays 4pm-8pm)

ChildLine Helpline - 0800 1111

(9am - Midnight)

Tell Us Your Experience!

If you have experience of any mental health struggle, eating disorder or ways you keep yourself well, I would really appreciate hearing from you.


It would be amazing for reader's to contribute pieces that can help make this blog a collaborative effort. 

Please use the contact form below or get in touch via Instagram or Twitter.

I am not a mental health professional so please seek professional help if you are unwell and needing support.


Top Reviews

Qualifications and Experience

'Your work and words of motivation really help me and I will definitely apply the tips you tell us in my life. Thank you once again.' - Serwin (student in the Phillipines)

Personal Development Courses - Jimmy Naraine

Personal Development Coach - Concordia UK

Personal Development Course Designer - Udemy

Freelance Personal Development Webinars 

Art Therapist's Assistant - KRASS eV, Germany

National Citizen Service - Mental Health Support and Safeguarding

Mental Health Support Worker - Priory Group

BSc Psychology Degree (Undergraduate)

'Emma delivered personal development sessions on behalf on Concordia UK to international volunteers. Her content was delivered of ways which made it for easy learning internationally.  She showed a fantastic range of different skills enabling the group to really get the most out of the sessions. A job incredibly well done.'

- Concordia UK

If you'd like to leave a review then please do so via the online course page on which you completed the course. To submit a review for webinars and freelance workshops, please use the contact button below. Thank you.

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